Fernando Cavalieri

watercolour painter

Born in Pontremoli last century, he started very quickly toying with colours. 
Painting becomes, during his youth, his preferred game.

Later, war vicissitudes, studies, professional engagements took up all his time. 
At a mature age his passion from the by-gone youth made a come-back and thus he resumed painting and became engrossed in watercolour technique. 
He mixed with various greats of the time and was enrolled in the Italian Watercolourist Association, even serving on the Board of Directors. 
He exhibited in International shows, gaining prizes, winning competitions and attending several exhibitions, winning acclaim as well as commendations. 
Recently he was appointed to represent Italian watercolour in Bogotà, Mexico City, S.Pietroburgo, Llanca (Spain), Paris, Thessaloniki, Bilbao, Ronneby. Today, watercolour once again surfaced as his pet game.


It is no easy task to find joyous and enthusiastic people with the want of savouring life minute by minute, with the wish of carrying out those dreams long stowed away in some drawer and falling second to other priorities but still secretly held and nourished until their fulfilment and gifting to others with overwhelming passion. Some years ago, I had the fortune of meeting a person then witnessing the fulfilment of such dream. He loved a painting technique, which for its immediateness and impossibility of afterthought, proved to be the most arduous: watercolour. With a flare and facility to this technique, Fernando Cavalieri has grasped its secrets, by way of studies of various artists, until concretizing this "watercolour" often achieved with instinctive bold smears, then elaborated with diligence, speed, force and impatience. True! Impatience, in that he earns for seeing the completed work for then to start but an other to strive to convey yet new infinite emotions. His fresh immediate works simply speak by themselves, entering the viewer's soul needless of being explained; not such a destination to strike. His successes soon arrived. Recognised by the Italian Watercolourists Association quickly serving and board member and representing the same st highly prestigious international reviews. He has taken part in various contests promoted by public and private bodies thereof gaining great success and even earning himself a place in his own right at several exhibitions as well as his first personal exhibition. The dream was stowed in a lost drawer for many years, few years sufficed for retrieving the time "lost". This is thanks to his youthful spirit, he who knows no age and he who must be an example for us.

Angelo Gorlini

Fernando Cavalieri was born in Tuscany, an artists' land. He is a long standing member of the Italian Watercolorist Association as well as a frequent contributor at numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Observing Fernando Cavalieri painting, one perceives the sensation of dynamic earthly movements. Whiffs of coloured geometric flares, lava, erupted lava clods, plus multicoloured streaks taken from nature. Deep black cinder flecks funnelled and layered, and, once dried and set, thereby form images with mental wanderings. However, it is then that one pin points thread-like beads of ruby colours, jumbled and rolling magma mixes of cobalt protracting to orange-brown reds: kaleidoscopic nonetheless peaceful meltowns. In such form does "Volcano" Cavalieri model his watercolours.

Watercolours; an endless mass of emotions in colours, lines and forms, on the wall which pursue not only one an other but chase us as well. A throng of clamorous paintings: gentle yet strong picturesque exclamations unfold their language indiscriminately, without excessive pretences, which however daydream within reason itself. Fernando Cavalieri presents us with a collection of images featuring a rich continuedness as a long flowing and jointed set of pictures. From his journeys and exhibitions in Greece, France and North European countries, he brings us precious experiences, which nourishing atmospheres tending to his voraciousness as a painter. An acrobatic artist, he fully makes use of an infinity of materials driving forward his relentless working mania, in turn, discovering and surprising even himself by his vision laid bare by his gestual expressiveness. A heightened sense of central stability allows the viewer of his works a broader cognitive in take.

Franco Spazzi

As water flows, Fernando Cavalieri produces a frenzy of glances, tidiness and fate destiny of a widespread realm, he cultivates his inner music , the delays measured by enunciations, the near flower, the sizeable wealth of profound countryside, a point aiming to the through vibrations of light. Bruno Perlasca, poet.

Bruno Perlasca

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